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We have been working with Wyoming Financial for over 10 years now.

We appreciate all of the hard work that they do for us and would recommend their service to anyone. 


Shawn O'Dell

President, O'Dell Construction

In the past, we saw our insurance agent once a year at renewal time. This is not the service we receive from Doug Bott at Wyoming Financial. He has always gone the extra mile for whatever we need- from handling claims to reviewing contract requirements and providing risk management assessments. 

He has made it a point to understand the type of work we do and the types of equipment we own so we know what our risks are and what coverage is available. He keeps me informed of the trending hot topics in insurance that are pertinent to my business. 

If you are looking for excellent service and a knowledgeable insurance group, you won't be disappointed!


Lori Manning

Manager, S & S Builders, LLC

Our Wyoming Financial agent is more knowledgeable than other agents we have worked with in the past.

He is consistently checking to make sure that we have proper coverage at the lowest cost, without compromising the quality of a provider.

Wyoming Financial is a great advocate for our company and provides excellent service as it pertains to coverage, industry compliance, and bonding. 


Ryan Gregory

President, Wyoming Roofing


DeeAnn Hansen, CIC, CRIS was one of twenty agents

nationally recognized as 'Agent of the Year'

by the Insurance Journal.